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Our company is a professional for many years engaged in large-scale imported systems (distributed control systems, programmable controllers, redundant fault-tolerant control systems, robotic systems) spare parts sales. Main brands Foxboro, Tricon, Ovation, Motorola, Xycom, ABB, Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Yaskawa, Woodward and other imported automation system spare parts sales and system integration of high-tech enterprises,

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● Invensys Foxboro/Triconex: I/A Series system, FBM (field input/output module) sequence control, trapezoidal logic control, accident recall processing, DAC, input/output signal processing, data communication and processing.
● Westinghouse/Emerson: OVATION system, WDPF system, MAX1000 system spare parts.
● Rockwell /Allen-Bradley/ICS: Reliance Ryan, SLC 500/1747/1746, Logix 5000/1756/1789/1794/1760/1788, PLC-5/1771/1785;ICS T8151B/T8311/T8403/T9431 and so on.
● Schneider Modicon: Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules, etc.
● ABB: Industrial Robot Spare Parts DSQC Series ,Bailey INFI 90, etc.
● Bently Nevada: 3500/3300 system,Proximitor probe etc.
● Hima: F8650E/F8652X/F8627X/F8628X/F3236/F6217/Z7138 and so on.
● Honeywell: All DCS cards, modules, CPU
● Motorola: MVME 162, MVME 167, MVME1772, MVME177 and other series.
● XYCOM: I/O, VME board and processor.
● GE: modules, cards, drives and other spare parts.
● Bosch/ Rexroth/Indramat: I/O module, PLC controller, drive module and so on.
● Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK150 digital controller.

Note:If you need, we can solve your defect part or exchange. Welcome to inquire! We will give you the best service!